Most parents share this deep desire: that our children grow up to be happy, healthy, confident people
who can make their own way in the world and find loving relationships.

When they’re young and spunky, it’s easy to imagine them growing up this way.
But then adolescence comes along and — bam! — their confidence and happiness take a dive
and their stress and anxiety go up.

It’s heartbreaking, and it’s frustrating when your love doesn’t ‘make things better’ like it did before.

But I am here to offer you hope, science-based tools, skills, inspiration and coaching strategies designed for parents — all to help you protect and build your child’s self-esteem and confidence at any age.

Over the past ten years as a strengths-based coach, trainer, teacher, family coach and parent, I have…

Worked with hundreds of
‘tweens, teens and children ….

… coached and taught parents,
teachers and entire schools

… and helped my own kids get through their teens with their bodies, their spirits and our love intact.

And I’ll do all I can to help you help your kids.

Here are the most valuable things I’ve learned,

and how they can help you and your family.

The best way to empower children is to show them who they are at their very best on the inside. Knowing their character strengths is a wonderful way to do this, and I’ll teach you how to teach them to embrace their strengths for greater self-esteem, a sense of belonging in the world and even better relationships at school and at home.

There are forces beyond our control affecting how teenagers feel about themselves — and most of these come from inside their own brains. I share the fascinating science that can help you understand what your adolescent is going through and how to support them during a truly confusing and difficult time of life.

The one thing you CAN control when it comes to your kids is the strength of your relationship — and when your relationship is good, you’ll have more influence with them. You’ll get tools for the difficult and surprising conversations that come with having ‘tweens and teens in the house.

Parenting teenagers is one of the toughest jobs there is, and it can also be very lonely. Here, you’ll get compassionate support, inspiration,  ideas, news and science related to adolescents and encouragement to be all the things you want your child to be: happy, healthy, confident, successful, kind, well-liked, loved, and full of the unique qualities you were born with.

If you like these ideas and would like to learn more…

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