The “PERMAHnently-Positive”  Class for Parents


PERMAHnently Positive” is not a syrupy-sweet recipe for staying happy all the time, (because there is no such thing) but rather a six-week online class that teaches you the powerful basics of how to use your top strengths to get more of the six pillars of true wellbeing — which you can then teach your kids. Those six pillars are:


  • P = Positive feelings. “Happiness” is actually made up of tiny happy moments. You can notice happy moments as they happen, but you can also create them. When you know your strengths, you can plan for new ways to use them, which will make you happy. People who do this deliberately experience higher levels of ‘life satisfaction’ overall, plus less depression and anxiety. 
  • E = Engagement. The experience of feeling “lost in the music” often happens when we’re doing something we enjoy — like using one of our strengths — at a level of challenge that is just right: not too easy (boring) or too hard (frustrating). 
  • R = Relationships. Being able to see strengths in other people can help you appreciate them, even though they might be very different from you. Having a strengths perspective can also help you see how people contribute to a group in various valuable ways; this is a wonderful skill for any leader, and parents are the leaders of their families.
  • M = Meaning. When you use your strengths in the service of others, life takes on far more purpose and meaning.
  • A = Achievement. Achievement can refer to any kind of progress toward a goal, from improving a C- to a C+ in chemistry to balancing a budget and getting into college. You (and your kids) can have more success by leveraging natural strengths and building others. 
  • H = Health. “Wealth is nothing without health,” and I think that applies to your body, your mind and your spirit. Your strengths profile will give you lots of ideas for how different activities can fuel your overall health and add inner richness to your lifel.

Me teaching the PERMAH-nently Positive class to high school seniors in South Africa in 2014.

During each of the six weeks, you will receive:

  • A recorded class that you can listen to whenever you want (and keep forever)
  • A transcript of the recording in case you’d rather read than listen
  • Links, worksheets and/or other activities, depending on the week
  • Support via a private class-specific FaceBook group, including answers and ideas from me and the other parents in the class
  • Ideas and strategies for teaching this to your teen. It’s a different ballgame. (Hint: they might not listen, but they’ll notice what you do.)


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