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Some Kind Words …

Photos are not included, to protect clients’ privacy — especially children’s.

From Parents

“Working with you and learning so much about strengths and the process is really influencing my parenting very, very much. I don’t want to nag on what’s wrong; if there’s something going on that’s a negative I just quickly go to, ‘What can we learn from this?’ and move on.”

~ L.F. ~

“Learning about my son’s strengths has provided me with an alternative language and a different, more positive, way to deal with the confrontations around school work and teenage behavior. With his strengths in mind, I am able to adjust my response to arguments from a negative focus on what he does not do, to a positive one of what he can do.”

~ P.M. ~

“My problems have now become challenges and Kristen inspires me to look at things positively. What is so amazing about this is that my family will also benefit, and being more positive about life can make me a better parent and spouse and a better person.”

~ A.C. ~

From Kids

(Feedback was solicited anonymously)

“I have used these strengths in a way that could help build me and other individuals; like zest — I used that strength to make my best friend see the better, more funny side of life when it gets dark, gloomy and gray!”

“Since the program started, I learned more about myself and many different strengths that people have. I’ve now started to treat people in a positive way, knowing that we are all different and we all possess different attributes and personalities.”

“I know the strengths my friends have. I was able to go to a friend who had the specifc skill to complete my project. I know how to approach certain people based on their strengths/weaknesses that I didn’t interact with before.”

“I’ve learned to love and appreciate beauty and this has taught me that every culture, group or individual possesses beauty in their own way.”

“Success does not depend on IQ but on your ability to use some character strengths that you may have or that you may develop (e.g., optimism, grit, self control).”

“We should focus more on our strengths than on our weaknesses.”

From Teachers

“I didn’t realize how the children’s lack of awareness of their own strengths impedes their progress. I want to do something to rectify this situation.”

“I loved learning how each of us has strengths that we can use to help the school and the children.”

“It is so important to look at everybody from both the positive and the negative and embrace the good that they do.”

“One of the most important things I learned is that my own strengths could actually be overused and maybe I need to pull back.”