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Hi. I’m Kristen Carter and I’ve helped hundreds of people, from CEOs to school kids, build their confidence.

It all starts with finding your inner strengths and learning how to use them in new, smart ways.

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Your voice and your feelings matter!

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Start by choosing the phrase that describes you best:

I've never felt very confident

I was confident until ______ happened.

I want to help someone else be confident.

Believing in yourself changes everything.

The way you think and feel about yourself predicts how you engage with the world. If you feel insecure, you probably shy away from certain relationships, activities and opportunities. Feeling confident and playing to your strengths can turn all that around.

“I feel like I’ve been given a tool kit for the rest of my life.”

G.N., bank manager

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How to Help Someone Cope

How to Help Someone Cope

Sometimes asking the right questions -- and giving a little love -- is all that's needed. If you care about someone who's struggling with coronavirus or any other stressor right now, you may want to help but not be sure how to do it. The method described here, called...

Lessons from Two Years of Quasi-Quarantine

Lessons from Two Years of Quasi-Quarantine

Two years ago, cancer sent me into home quarantine, the way coronavirus has driven people into their houses all over the world. The transition was jarring and disruptive, but spending tons of time at home hasn't been all bad. Here are some of the things I've learned;...

Using Strengths to Deal Sanely with Coronavirus

Using Strengths to Deal Sanely with Coronavirus

Using no strengths -- like kindness or perspective -- to deal with frustration. My husband has just returned from the grocery store, where shelves were empty, people were tense and he waited in the checkout line for an hour. It’s stressful out there. As usual, I look...

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