You have within you,

right now, all you need to build a life that makes you say, “There’s a reason I was here and I made the most of it.”

Whether you’re searching for more confidence, purpose, better relationships or a sense of achievement, your natural strengths are your most powerful magic. I will help you unlock them and use them to live the life of your dreams. 

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Change your world!

If you want your life to be better, you will need to ask for changes, and that can be hard if you’ve never learned how or if your emotions get in the way.

Learn how to ask for what you really want with


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Believing in yourself changes everything.

You’re worth it. You deserve to feel good about who you are, what you’re capable of and the meaningful role you can play in the world. Let me help you find those strengths and talents and use them for good — in your life, your work and your relationships. 

“I feel like I’ve been given a tool kit for the rest of my life.”

G.N., bank manager

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Being Fearless, Authentic, and Real

Being Fearless, Authentic, and Real

Somewhere inside of you is a part that is fearless, authentic, and real. She (or he) might be right up near the surface, shining bright for all to see. Or she might be a tiny little spark, buried deep down, a warm little glow only you see and feel. She may, in your...

Choosing Our Cast of Inner Voices

Choosing Our Cast of Inner Voices

When I decided to start sending a newsletter again, I set myself a modest, typically-Kristen-type goal: Write fabulous, inspiring, meaningful, glitteringly written pieces; send them every Sunday; include beautiful images (ideally ones I create myself) that capture the...

How to Speak Up for Yourself in Six Simple Steps

How to Speak Up for Yourself in Six Simple Steps

Your son is starting to hang out with someone who makes you uncomfortable. Your sister comments on your weight. Someone at work is irritating you. You’re worried that your partner isn’t taking good care of himself. Your boss is a jerk. You disagree with your cousin’s...

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