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Change ~ Parenting ~ Illness

Relationships ~ Work ~ Aging

Life can be hard.

When it is, how do we care for ourselves,
take positive steps forward
and even benefit from our experiences?

How do we live, love and learn through everything?


When you’re living through hard times it can help so much to know what matters most and to have a strategy for moving forward one step at a time.


No matter what’s happening, you have to love and take care of yourself. Next, it helps to have solid relationships you can depend on.


There are so many lessons we can learn in hard times, and so many ways to grow. We also learn what we’re made of and can decide who and how we want to be next.

From the blog…

How to Stay Focused on What Matters Most

I almost drowned in the ocean when I was 16. I was playing with some friends along a rocky coast in northern California when the sand fell away suddenly and I got pulled into an undertow. For the next very long couple of minutes I tumbled around in the current and was...

Leaving 2018 Behind

Three things I’d be happy to leave behind as we cross into the new year at midnight tonight: Buh-bye, 2018   1. Cancer. An epic experience with so many lessons to teach: self-compassion, hope, HUGE love for and from others, the medical magic now available for...

Now, Every Day is Thanksgiving

I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal since my son was born almost 23 years ago. I got the idea from Oprah, who was doing it because she said it helped us appreciate the good in life and could even make us happier (science now proves her right). This mattered to me...

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