Three things I’d be happy to leave behind as we cross into the new year at midnight tonight:

Buh-bye, 2018


1. Cancer. An epic experience with so many lessons to teach: self-compassion, hope, HUGE love for and from others, the medical magic now available for women with certain forms of breast cancer, stripping away what doesn’t matter, empathy, gratitude, and did I mention love? Delighted to have learned the lessons BUT I’d be super happy to leave the affliction behind me.

2. Shoulds. I’m ready to step out from under rules that don’t suit me any more. From an early age I’ve looked to others for direction and approval, but inside me is someone who wants to do her own thing, have fun and be brave. I will be questioning every “I should/shouldn’t…” thought that comes into my head, and if it feels limiting: BAM! Out it’s gonna go.

3. Waiting. I’ve been a waiter (and a waitress, ha ha) — I’ve waited for the time to be right to do all sorts of things, most of which I haven’t done. In fact, I’ve made up reasons to keep waiting to do things, like launch my coaching practice in the States, because I’ve been afraid to do them. I don’t have time for that anymore.

What are YOU going to leave behind in 2018?