If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by life, perhaps you’ll relate to the idea of an unmoored bouy. Bouys are those things you see bobbing along the coast near marinas and shipping lanes; they tell boats which way to go and can be a place to hang on if the weather is bad.  

Bouys only work when they’re anchored to the seabed, and most are attached to giant heavy blocks to hold them in place. Lose that connection, and the bouy is at the whim of the winds and tides. 

One day last year, feeling tossed around by the whims of cancer and my imagination, I decided I needed something that would make me feel solidly anchored inside. So I grabbed my journal and wrote down a bunch of stuff that made me feel calm and centered, and also helped me focus on the important things that were within my control.  

I then read it every morning and it gave me the most wonderful sense of stability, peace and positivity. Even if there were things outside me that were unpredictable and scary, I had a safe, solid place within me to latch onto. 

I’ve edited my original list a few times and now offer it as a template to anyone who could also use a little inner anchoring. Click on the Anchoring Myself image below to download it, and have a look at my version if you’d like an example. 
















As always, I’d love to hear your experiences or suggestions if you try this yourself.

May you always have calm waters — or the ability to anchor yourself.