Hi there. I’m Kristen, and I am…

  • A wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Relationships are the most important things in the world to me, including the one I have with myself.
  • A writer. I was in corporate communications in various forms for more than 20 years and now write about trying to live fully regardless of what life brings me. I blog in two places — here and at an under-construction site called AnExtraMom.com — and am working on a book.
  • A ‘creator.’ I make an effort to create something every day and I post about it on Facebook. As opposed to Big-C Creating (sculptures, oil paintings, etc.), I do little-c creating, which includes everything from writing to doodling, knitting, photography, making connections with other people, making decisions, creating new recipes, etc. I find it empowering and fun to think of life as an unfolding creative process.
  • A certified coach. I initially left management to support other corporate people and teams, then discovered I was most passionate about helping teenagers feel good about themselves. I coached for about ten years before I got breast cancer.
  • A stage-4 breast cancer survivor. In May 2018 I was told I had just a few weeks to live if I didn’t respond to treatment, but I have and am doing fabulously, with no active sign of disease. Long may it last, but in the meantime it has made what is truly important sparklingly clear and helped me focus on loving, creating and growing every day, no matter what.

About my logo

The double hearts logo is one of the most meaningful images in my life, because my daughter first drew it as a suggestion for a tattoo the two of us could get to commemorate our relationship (she’s the little heart, I’m the big one).

Getting through her sometimes-difficult teens with our love intact is one of the most important accomplishments of my life.

Nothing on earth matters more to me than the love of my family, and I’m proud to display it  through this image on my website and on my right wrist, where I see it all day every day.

Sarah on top, me on the bottom



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