I’m Kristen Carter, a certified coach, breast cancer survivor, and author.

I encourage and empower other women with breast cancer to be proud, authentic, and filled with the inner radiance that comes from knowing what matters most and living true to that.

Kristen Carter

My own breast cancer journey began in 2008, when I was diagnosed with a Stage 0 ductal carcinoma in situ.


Ten years later, I learned I had metastatic cancer that had spread to my bones and liver. It was so far advanced that things were touch-and-go for a couple of months, but that was more than four years ago, and I am doing well on treatment.

I was lucky to have had ten years’ experience as a coach to help me cope with the stress of my ordeal. I had wonderful tools that helped me focus on what mattered most and make progress toward my important goals, even on days my progress was just tiny steps.

Now, besides taking care of myself, I write for this website and for suvivingbreastcancer.org, helping other women with breast cancer build their authenticity, resilience, and inner power.

Personally, I am a wife and the mother of two children in their twenties. I live in the mountains west of Boulder, Colorado. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks, doing jigsaw puzzles, taking online classes, or doodling in my bullet journal.




Coaching Qualifications

  • Certified Positive Psychology Coach.
    Times two, actually. I completed different programs because I adore the strengths-based framework.
  • Certified International Trainer in Strengths-Based Educational Practices
  • Certified Family Coach
  • Advanced Certified Enneagram Coach
  • Certified Life Coach
  • Level-One Certified in Aikido and Reiki
    Our bodies hold wisdom and healing power. 

The double hearts logo is one of the most meaningful images in my life.

The logo evolved out of a design my daughter designed as tattoos for us when she graduated from high school. It was so meaningful; the two of us, close and together, after the often-rocky teenage years.

At the time, I was working mostly with teenagers, and I loved the imagery for that reason, too.

Now, when my focus is primarily on women with breast cancer, the logo means loving all parts of ourselves, no matter what. All parts are lovable: the worried parts; angry parts; small, scared parts; even the parts with cancer. All have lessons to teach us and stories of their own that can help us grow as humans and as souls here for a reason.

Sarah on top, me on the bottom


My daughter and I walking on the beach. This photo contains three of my favorite things: family, nature and chill time. Fills my bucket every time.
(Kierbooms, South Africa, c. 2008)

Get through this with self-love, a clear focus on what matters most to you, and help from someone who's been there.

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