Absorbing Goodness

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A couple of months ago, I got some great advice: “Take time to absorb the things that inspire you, rather than rushing to share them with other people.”

The point my friend was trying to make is that while I’ve made a career out of helping other people love themselves the way they are, find more happiness, make life meaningful, and build better relationships, I didn’t always allow myself to fully absorb these lessons. I understood how they worked, and loved teaching/coaching them, but didn’t always benefit as much as I could have from integrating them into my own mind, body, and spirit.

But life is busy! Writing helpful blogs and newsletters and coaching people is what I do—how was I supposed to stop doing that and focus on myself instead?

Well, the universe came up with a plan. Since mid-November, I’ve had no choice but to rest and focus on myself; to stop sharing anything new as one situation after another came along to say, “Rest harder. No, even harder!

In case we aren’t friends on Facebook,* where I’ve posted a couple of updates, the short story is that I had surgery, started new chemo, had radiation, then had a reaction that landed me in the hospital for five days at the end of December, unable to eat or speak.

I was truly forced to rest and be quiet.

So, hooked up to two IVs in one arm and a PulseOximeter in the other, unable even to roll over, I rested.

I gave in, and rested deeply.

I thought, I dreamed.

I allowed myself to be loved and cared for.

I thought about who I am, what I’m doing in my life, my family, my writing, the world.

I journaled about love and inspiration and meaning and creativity and joy, and invited wisdom to come at me from any direction it wanted.

And do you know what? I absorbed so much goodness and light. I am so filled up. My bucket is brimming.

I’m still healing and it will be a while before I’m fully recovered, so I don’t know when I’ll be back in a consistent writing groove. But my personal groove is in awesome shape.

Are you good at absorbing goodness?

Being still, finding a truly comfortable position for our bodies, feeling only positive feelings, holding our faces to the warm sun—that’s something cats are great at, but not so much us.

From early childhood, unless your parents were very zen and cool, you’ve probably been on the go. Now, as an adult yourself, your to-do list is likely long and important. I have lists on my many electronic devices so I can check in with myself any time: What am I supposed to be doing? Picking up? Dropping off? Making for dinner?

No one ever taught me to be like the cat. Did they teach you? Or have you tried to figure this out yourself? (Another item on your to-do list, ha.)

I mentioned in my last email that I’m cooking up a workshop for sometime soon around the idea of embracing all our inner goodness; of “Reclaiming Your Flame.” So many of you said, “I’m in!” that I know it’s not just me feeling this right now. As I said, I’m absorbing more than writing, but I am busy creating the content for this workshop and will tell you more about it here in the coming weeks.

So now what?

This week, start allowing yourself to absorb some goodness, whatever that means for you. Sit for just five minutes and savor happy memories, or listen to a favorite song or to the silence. Jot down some of the things you like about yourself. Make a little gratitude list. Fill out a copy of my free SIMPLE daily planner. Feel the support of god, the universe, or nature around you. Lie in the sun; let it warm your face.

I cannot wait to grow together and glow together; to let our inner lights shine so bright, they’ll be able to see us from space.

Until next time, light and love to you.


Do you need kind, compassionate support to bounce back from a negative experience? If so, then get in touch with me now, and let’s make the most of your precious time, energy and love. 


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