What is Deep Confidence?

Deep confidence doesn’t come and go. It doesn’t depend on anyone else telling you you’re okay. It comes from inside you and starts when you realize how capable you already are and how much you have to offer the world.

Deep confidence goes with you everywhere, whether you’re at work, school, with friends or family, with intimidating strangers or even by yourself.


Deep Confidence feels awesome. It’s the opposite of feeling inadequate, insecure, small, silly and unnecessary.

Believing in yourself changes everything.

Instead of:

 Focusing on and stressing about your weaknesses
 Waiting for other people to validate your worth
 Feeling okay one minute and hating yourself the next, and
 Being unhappy and exhausted by life …

… you could:

 Realize how capable you already are and how much you have to offer the world.
 Trust that you’re good enough.
 Carry your new-found confidence with you into any situation, with anyone.
 Be happier, more motivated and feel like you truly belong in the world.

“I feel like I’ve been given a toolkit for the rest of my life”

G.D. – Bank manager

Hi, I’m Kristen Carter.

I’ve been insecure. I’ve felt like I needed to impress other people in order to be accepted. I’ve buried my real self in order to fit in. I’ve falsely believed that what I DID was more important than who I AM.

But no more. I take on life my way now, using my inner strengths as a kind of guidance system to choose what I do, who I spend time with and how I deal with the challenges that come my way.
The shift came when I learned what my strengths were and how to use them intentionally. Specifically, I learned to use them to:

  Feel better about who I was
  Connect more confidently with other people
  Have a sense of purpose for my life
  Be more motivated about and engaged in my work
Deal with the many challenges that I’ve faced, from work to illness to parenting to worries about the state of the world

It isn’t always easy. Some days I fall into the trap of believing I’m not good enough. This can be triggered by what I see other people doing or from old, self-critical messages within my own head.

But now I’m resilient. I have an inner core, like a field of gravity, that helps me stay centered and handle whatever happens. This was so life-changing that I decided to study the science behind it and became an internationally certified strengths coach, trainer/teacher and program designer. I’ve taught what I’m offering in this program to hundreds of people, from CEOs to kindergarteners, parents, teachers and even my own kids.

There are infinite ways to be.

Why not be YOU!

I’d be delighted to share the simple process that gave me true confidence.

In three one-hour conversations – and you doing some new things in between them – you will discover your inner strengths and a few simple routines that can change your life. This might sound impossible but I can absolutely promise that it’s true, because it’s worked for me and hundreds of people I’ve coached and taught over the past twelve years.

FIRST (and before you pay a cent): We’d talk and decide whether this is right for you

All my clients start with a no-cost, no-obligation, 30-minute conversation so we can get to know each other. During that chat you can ask me anything you want about myself or the program and I’ll find out what you want to accomplish and whether you’re ready to dive in.

If you are, you’d sign up for my three-session program and pay the $479 fee. I’d then send you two PDF “playsheets” (aka homework) and a link to the world’s most awesome strengths assessment, the VIA Inventory of Character Strengths. That would enable us to get right to work in your first paid session.

Please note: All sessions are conducted by phone, Skype or Zoom

Session 1: Explore Your Personal “Strengths DNA”

You will discover:

 Your personal “strengths DNA” – the many good qualities you possess, using the results of your VIA assessment and any other personality tools you’ve used in the past.

 A scientifically-based framework that will help you use your strengths to unlock more happiness, confidence, better relationships, success and a sense of purpose in your life

 How to begin applying your strengths to some of the real-life confidence issues you identified in our initial conversation

You will receive:

 A 20-page personalized report detailing your strengths, from the VIA assessment you took online

 What Went Well & Why? This brief daily journaling tool will help you see how your strengths are already working in your life

 Use Your Top Strengths in New Ways This fun little assignment helps you branch out and use your natural gifts in ways you might not have thought of before.

Coaching Session 2: Apply Your Strengths to Build Confidence, Happiness and YOUR Kind of Success

We will:

 Review all the things you discovered as you explored your strengths report and did your homework

You will discover:

 A simple daily process that will help you build lifelong confidence and a strengths-based life

You will receive:

  The PERMAH Planner This is the copyrighted daily planner I’ve used for years to help me focus on what matters most and will help you do the same, as well as draw on your strengths intentionally to make things happen.

Coaching Session 3: Putting it All Together into YOUR Strengths-based Life Plan

We will:

 Review all the things you’ve done and discovered since Session 2

 Compare where you are now to where you were in our initial conversation and see how much progress you’ve already made

You will discover:

 How to apply your strengths to any challenge that might arise in your life

 How to keep up your focus on confidence and strengths even when things seem hard

You will receive:

 Solve it With Strengths Ideas for ways to leverage 24 different strengths to deal with any challenging circumstance

 ISPEAQ A template for having difficult conversations (or just conversations with difficult people) – an invaluable aid as you build your confidence and make your way in the world

At the end of these three sessions you will be equipped with some of the best and most powerful tools ever created to help people believe in themselves. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, that may be enough. Some people enjoy having a mentor, though, and if that’s true of you, you are welcome to sign up for three more sessions to continue your growth.


My Guarantee

I truly want to help you get results. Our initial conversation – before you’ve paid a cent – should ensure that we’re on the right track, but if for any reason you are not happy after your first paid session I will refund your payment in full.

What other clients have said

(names not given to protect client privacy)

“Thank you, Kristen! With this short workshop, you’ve already started to empower me!”

B.L – Head of human resources

“Success does not depend on IQ but on your ability to use some character strengths that you may have or that you may develop (e.g., optimism, grit, self-control).”

T.K. – High school student

“Working with Kristen Carter over the past two months has been an enormously positive and energizing experience. Kristen is a warm and inspiring person who skillfully brings her intellect, her understanding of life, and valuable coaching tools into her coaching sessions. I have been amazed at how many actions, through Kristen’s guidance, I have taken in a relatively short space of time to change and improve various aspects of my life. This personal growth has been remarkably gratifying.”

A.F. – Marketing director

“My problems have now become challenges and Kristen inspires me to look at things positively. What is so amazing about this is that my family will also benefit, and being more positive about life can make me a better parent and spouse and a better person.”

A.C. – Parent, and Head of fundraising at a private school

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