How I’m Using My Strengths This Week

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Fish Creek Falls

This week my husband and kids and I took a short spring-break trip to Steamboat, Colorado. Our intention was to snowboard (them), cross-country ski (me) and hang out together. The snow didn’t quite play its part, though, and we wound up sitting by the pool and hiking instead. Well, there was one snowboarding attempt, but it was a bit of a fail.

So we drew upon our creativity to come up with new things to do.  My son and I share a strong dose of curiosity and an interest in history, and enjoyed a trip to the local history museum. My daughter and I drew on our zest for a 7.5-mile hike up to Fish Creek Falls.

As I’ve been doing for the last seven months, I used my love of learning to keep up with my Certified Family Coach program. This course has a lot of reading and homework!

My appreciation of beauty and excellence got in my way a little bit again this week… When I overuse it, I can be disappointed when things don’t work out 100% the way I imagine they will. This really bites me in the bum when I apply it to other PEOPLE, thinking they should be just as perfect as I’d like. When that happens, I wind up having to dip into my lesser-strengths of humility (sorry, honey) and forgiveness, and try to forgive myself for not being perfect either.

Now that we’re back home, I’m tapping some self-regulation and perspective to get back to work. This weekend I’ll be using lots of love, kindness and gratitude when I spend time with each of my parents. My mom is having major surgery on Monday and for that, I’m leaning into a whopping dose of hope and optimism.

Thank goodness for strengths! Ciao for now.


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