Emerge Sparkly – My Plan to Help You Live Joyful and Inspired

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Oh my gosh, I’ve been having the most blissful time cocooning.

Actually, it’s been like being wrapped in a cozy blanket inside a bubble inside a cocoon.

And like a little larva, I’ve been evolving inside it.

I’ve been thinking deep thoughts. I’ve written thousands of words on dozens of pages. I’ve created vision boards. I’ve been contemplating transition: what have I been before, and how do I want to be in the future? How do I want to emerge from this safe but constricted little space in which I’ve been wrapped?

When a caterpillar goes into its cocoon to begin its dissolution (it does literally dissolve into goo), it already has the genetic coding to transform into a completely new form. I think that was true of me, too. I have felt a change coming for a while, and it took this weeks-long hibernation to allow the evolution to happen, for my innate wings to form.

It’s time to be joyful. To be inspired. To know what fills my own bucket so much that I am brimming over with it all, slopping love and joy and inspiration all over the place.

When I am so filled to overflowing, then I’ll have something sparkly to share with others: my family, my friends, my readers, a handful of fabulous clients.

The caterpillar I was before was trying to pour from a not-always-full bucket. Even when I was feeling empty, I was trying to give something inspiring away. (I have it on good report that that seemed obvious from my weekly newsletters. Sometimes they shone, sometimes they didn’t.)

I think you and I both deserve me at my best.

So, from now on, here’s what I plan to do and to share:

  • I plan to live as much as possible as an overflowing vessel. This will involve clarifying what fills me up and what doesn’t (I do have a good idea), and eliminating the draining stuff as much as possible.
  • Sharing what I road-test that really works, with ideas for how you can try it or something similar to fill your OWN bucket. I’ll also share what sounds promising but doesn’t work; these could make some interesting stories.
  • Writing frequently but, for now, without the pressure of a weekly deadline. Knowing when I am inspired enough to try and inspire others.

Inviting, encouraging, and maybe even cajoling you into writing back to me, so we can be in conversation/community about these things. We’re all trying to live our lives as abundantly and true to ourselves as we can, and I need to hear your stories, too (they fill me up!). I want to share others’ wisdom as well as my own, so the lessons are so much richer.


Now it’s over to you.

What do you think? How do you feel about trying to live with your own overflowing bucket?

Do you want to receive notes about my search for the sublime, my investigation of inspiration, my journey for what’s joyful (my attempts at alliteration, lol)?

The focus will be on living, and loving doing it. There may be times I mention the context of doing all this while having metastatic breast cancer (currently stable, thank you) but that won’t be the focus.

If you get enough of this kind of thing from somewhere else, I lovingly invite you to unsubscribe. I hate cluttering people’s inboxes with messages they don’t need.

Otherwise, I’ll see you soon, and be so glad to be with you.

Please write.




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