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Kristen Carter is a certified coach and author of ISPEAQ: How to Stand Up for Yourself and Have Difficult Conversations

Kristen Carter is a certified coach and author of ISPEAQ: How to Stand Up for Yourself and Have Difficult Conversations. She has been in private practice since 2009, working with businesses, schools, and individual clients. Her dream is a world where everyone is equally empowered, confident, kind, and respected, and she helps people feel those things in themselves.

Overall, her mission is to help people feel empowered and confident and to be kind and respectful toward themselves and everyone else they meet.

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Speak up for yourself calmly and confidently with ISPEAQ, a step-by-step guide to preparing for difficult conversations and speaking to everyone from your critical boss to your politically opinionated relative to a ho-hum lover. Coach and communications expert Kristen Carter shows you how.

In this simple yet powerful book, certified coach and communications expert Kristen Carter provides a clear step-by-step process that will help you prepare for and have any kind of difficult conversation.

Have you ever wished you could say what you were really thinking, without jeopardizing an important relationship?

Is there a bully at work, school or in your personal life that you’d love to stand up to, but you aren’t sure what to say?

Do you get uncomfortable, emotional or nervous at the idea of talking to a certain person?

With ISPEAQ, you will learn how to calm yourself, choose your words and convey exactly what troubles you, how it makes you feel and what you need. You’ll do all this in a way that give you the best possible chance of having success making the changes you want at work or in your personal life. You will feel prepared and empowered to speak up for yourself like never before.

If you need a starting point, there are also sample scripts related to having difficult conversations with anyone from your politically-opinionated relative to a ho-hum lover to your critical boss.

Clients have called the ISPEAQ method “life-changing,” “simple but powerful” and “the best tool our team has ever learned.”

Your voice and your feelings matter. Here’s how to get them out of your head and share them with the world, calmly and confidently.



Kristen has been a coach in private practice since 2009, working with businesses, schools and individual clients.
Prior to coaching, Kristen was a communications professional who worked in marketing, public relations and corporate communications. At various times she was head of corporate affairs, sustainability, employee communications and corporate social investment.


In addition to literally thousands of hours of coach training, Kristen has a B.A. in journalism from Colorado State University. She was in the midst doing her master’s in liberal studies at Georgetown when she fell in love with a charming and handsome South African and moved with him to Johannesburg.

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