Regain Confidence

If you’ve suffered a personal or professional setback, it may have deeply impacted your sense of self-confidence and self-worth. You might have been sailing along really nicely, and this has been a terrible shock.

If so, I’m sorry for your pain and know how it feels. I’ve had career disappointments and a health diagnosis that have stopped me in my tracks and made me reevaluate who I was and how I was meant to move forward.

Well, I am happy to say there are some good ideas you might not have tried yet.

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The realities low self-confidence

Reasons to be hopeful

Coaching Program

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The realities of low self-confidence

No matter what it was that shook your confidence, you may be feeling:

  • Insecure
  • Resentful of the circumstances or people that led to your setback
  • Hopeless, pessimistic, fatalistic
  • Scared
  • Vulnerable
  • Alone
  • Anxious
  • Any of the stages of grief: bargaining, denial, anger, depression and even acceptance – in any order, at any time
  • Highly motivated to fix things, for minutes at a time
  • Unsure how to get your groove back

Reasons to be Hopeful

The fields of positive psychology and life coaching offer many proven strategies that work wonders on your sense of confidence and personal potential. Positive psychology is a scientific approach to studying human thoughts, feelings, and behavior, with a focus on strengths instead of weaknesses. When you take a scientific strengths assessment, you can’t dismiss the results. I felt the impact of this myself ten years ago and have seen it light up hundreds of people since then, from school children right up to the CEO of an international corporation. Your strengths are a FACT, not an opinion, and the whole field of positive psychology is based on using strengths in ways that build happiness, overall well-being, and life satisfaction, gratitude, achievement, and even better relationships. Life coaching is full of tools that help people feel better about themselves and to live more confidently.

What I offer

I offer free information and resources on this site as well as one-on-one coaching. I’ve outlined a four-session coaching program below to show you exactly what you’d learn and what you’d receive working with me.

Coaching Program

Pre-coaching informational chat

Before you commit your time or money, we’d talk for half an hour to answer your questions and see if this feels like a good solution for you. You can schedule that right now if you like.

Session 1

We’ll start by getting super clear on your current situation and your goals, whether they’re personal, professional, or relationship-oriented. What are the messages you’re getting from your ‘inner critic,’ and how are they disrupting your life and your plans?

Session 2

You’ll begin to discover your personal “strengths DNA,” drawn from a strengths assessment you’ll take through me (the VIA Assessment of Character Strengths), results of other strengths or personality assessments you’ve taken previously, and your awareness of the things that helped you be successful in the past. Learn how to begin applying your strengths to the parts of your life you’re not satisfied with.

Session 3

Building resilience and self-compassion, continuing to counter negative self-talk that’s holding you back, beginning to build a life that’s based on your strengths, setting positive goals and taking daily action toward them.

Session 4

Putting it all together into your personal strengths-based life and career plan.

Session 4

Putting it all together into your personal strengths-based life and career plan.

Blog Posts

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One of the Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made With Strengths

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The #2 Question I Get Asked About Strengths

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The #1 Question I Get Asked About Strengths

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