Resource Library

A place to download free stuff. 

24 Ways to See the Best in Every Child

A workbook for parents to help build their children’s confidence using character strengths.

Anchoring Myself

A fill-in-the-blanks worksheet to help you feel anchored within yourself when life is challenging.

What Went Well and Why?

A super-charged daily gratitude journal template that helps you keep track not only of the good things that happen in your life but also what you did to bring them about.

PERMAH Planner

A daily intention-setting template for playing to your strengths in six key areas of life: what makes you happy, what you love doing, relationships, meaning and purpose, accomplishment and health.

What Makes Me Happy?

A fill-in-the-blank worksheet to remind yourself of the many things that make you happy.

BATHEing The Heart

A quick process for supporting and empowering someone — including yourself — who’s struggling.