Work With Me

Have you had a life-changing experience and want to bounce back from it with hope and courage?

Do you want to live life fully—maybe more than you ever have before?

I work with men and women who’ve had their world turned upside down by things like scary diagnoses, accidents, job losses and the ends of relationships. They’ve been traumatized, but don’t want to stay that way.

They know it’s time to look toward the future, and they want the temporary support of someone who understands what they’re going through and how to move on with confidence, positivity and grace.

Are you still struggling with any of these?

Compassionate coaching can help you move ahead if:

  • The “what ifs” and “if onlys” are still weighing you down
  • You feel angry or bitter about what happened to you 
  • You feel guilty or responsible for your part in what happened and are beating yourself up for it
  • You feel lost or disoriented
  • Your confidence took a hit and you feel insecure about taking on the future
  • You’re wondering how to feel strong, confident, and optimistic again

I know the feeling of being shell-shocked by an experience (mine was cancer) and coming out of it like someone from a bomb shelter, blinking and wondering if it was really safe to emerge.

And now, more than three years later, my life is richer, more meaningful, and more focused on what truly matters to me than ever before.

I was lucky to have had ten years of experience as a life and positive psychology coach when cancer struck.

I knew ways to soothe myself when I was afraid; what inner strengths I could draw on to cope and move forward; how to let go of certain priorities; and where to put my precious time, energy and love.

As your coach, I would love to help you emerge stronger from your life-altering experience, too—to see you:

  • Process the grief over what you’ve lost—to honor it, then move into acceptance of your new reality
  • Learn reliable ways to calm and soothe yourself when sadness, fear or anger arise
  • Begin to dream of your new future and all the lovely things—and people—in it
  • Appreciate the good around you every day. There are always good things, and gratitude is possibly the single greatest way to boost your mood and your hope for the future
  • Know and leverage your own inner strengths to build a life that feels authentic and meaningful
  • Build fulfilling relationships with family, friends, and colleagues

Overall, I’d like to see you growing and glowing, no matter what’s happened to you in the past. I work best with clients who:

  • Are more optimistic than pessimistic. They may get knocked down now and then but tend to bounce back up again.
  • Like to go deep. The work we do is not superficial and goes into things like the meaning of life and how you want to make the most of this wild and precious ride.
  • Do the work during and between sessions. “Homework” is never onerous but moving forward with life does sometimes take effort, even when the assignment is to go easier on yourself and take things more slowly.
  • Are not dealing with serious depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other debilitating emotional condition. If you struggle with one of these, I highly recommend a trained therapist to help you heal. Coaching works better for people who have these conditions under control and/or are ready to move forward with some degree of optimism.

If you’re ready to move forward, recover from your past and embrace the future and all the goodness it can bring, then get in touch with me here.

Bounce back from a negative experience with renewed confidence, hope, and courage.

Explore what kind, compassionate support can feel like with a no-obligation conversation with me by phone or by Zoom.