Work With Me

Want to build your resilience, strength, and optimism? Work with me.

Package 1: Learn to play to your strengths
This package includes:

  • Two 75-minute coaching sessions
  • A personalized VIA Assessment of Character Strengths 20-page report
  • Specific action plan to help you leverage your top strengths to reach your most important goals at this moment in time
  • PDF booklet: two ways to use each of the 24 strengths to deal with challenges
  • PDF booklet: “Surfing Life’s Tidal Waves” – a guide to getting through the four phases of dramatic change

Cost: $347

Package 2: Build a more authentic, resilient, courageous life
This package includes everything in Package 1 plus:

  • Two additional (four total) 75-minute coaching sessions
  • A life map of the things that matter most to you in six important realms
  • A daily planner to help you take action on your most important life goals
  • Unlimited email check-ins between appointments

Cost: $697

Get through this with self-love, a clear focus on what matters most to you, and help from someone who's been there.

Explore what kind, compassionate support can feel like with a no-obligation conversation with me by phone or by Zoom.